The Aftermath of Love with a Malignant Narcissist

A very well written article.

“If you are reading about Narcissistic Personality Disorder for the sake of education, but haven’t been in a narcissistic relationship: Imagine being trapped in a Cellar where your Captor has chained you to a wall; the Captor feeds you with JUST ENOUGH food and water to survive; you’re deprived of safety, abused at will, sexually assaulted whenever you least expect it AND this is all being done….. while you are in LOVE….It’s a deranged experience quite difficult to express because it is such a horrible violation to the human psyche. The experience is unlike any other. It is a waking nightmare.”

Yes, absolute horrible.

Your Journey Begins Today

Domestic violence

There are 3 stages of a Narcissistic relationship – Idealization – Devaluation – Discard.

In the blog that speaks about The NPD (Narcissist Personality Disorder) I go over the cycle of abuse between the NPD and his Supply. This is an unchanged pattern that every victim will experience, unless the NPD changes (he doesn’t change).

When the NPD finds new supply (one who is suitable to fill the NPD’s agenda) his current Victim experiences waves of abuse prior to the Discard Phase:

The NPD will provoke arguments, blame-shift, exhibit mood changes QUICKLY, and engages in a spiritual assault on the victim’s esteem and soul. Victims of the Discard use words like: Spiritual Assault, Soul Rape, Violation of the Body Mind and Soul, Abuse, and Pure Evil. It’s no surprise to US, because the Discard phase is themost traumatic experience a woman endures while with the NPD. It is really the most traumatic human experience…

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